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Have longish spines in relation to plant size
Thumbnail image of Thelocactus, schwarzii
yellowish spination
Thumbnail image of Thelocactus, Wagnerianus
New spines reddish turning golden, can be variable
Thumbnail image of Trichocaulon, cactiforme
choice stapeliads
Thumbnail image of Trichocaulon, senile
choice stapeliads
Free-flowering, likes full sun
Thumbnail image of Weingartia, jarmilae
deep reddish flower
Thumbnail image of Weingartia, lanata
Woolly aereoles, yellow flowers
Free-flowering, likes full sun. Hybridised by Southfield Nurseries
Thumbnail image of Weingartia (Southfield Nurseries Hybrid), 'Carnival' hybrid
Free flowering, mixed shades