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All about Southfield Nurseries

Just some of the wide variety of plants at Southfield NurseriesMy interest in cacti began when, as a small boy, I was given a cactus by my father at the Lincolnshire Agricultural Show. I still have that original plant, a Ferocactus called "Fred", almost fifty years later.

Initially it was the spines on the plants that attracted me; there are huge variations from microscopic spines to spikes over 20 cm long. I am now intrigued by the flowers on the cacti - the wide range of colours and sizes and variations in markings.

For many years now I have been hybridising Rebutia, Echinopsis and Lobivia varieties to increase their flowering times and produce interesting colour variations with some very successful results.

Just some of the wide variety of plants at Southfield NurseriesCacti have been my hobby for a long time now and I have been growing them commercially for over 30 years, initially in Holton-le-Clay in North East Lincolnshire and, for the last 20 years, in Morton in Lincolnshire. Along with my wife, Linda, I exhibt our plants at major flower shows throughout the country and over the years we have won many gold medals for our displays, including thirty gold medals from our thirty appearances at the Chelsea Flower Show and in 2018 we received the Diamond Jubilee Award for the best display in the Great Pavilion. As well as the display we have a wide variety of plants for sale at shows or, if you prefer, you could visit our nurseries and choose from over 700 varieties of cacti and succulents on sale in our greenhouse.

Whether you are a collector or a newcomer to these fascinating plants, there's something for you at Cactusland. I hope that you will enjoy our plants as much as I do.

Bryan Goodey
Proprietor, Southfield Nurseries