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Frequently Asked Questions

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Privacy & Security

Q Why does this site need cookies?
A This site uses "session cookies" to store your order basket and to enable you to log in and process your orders. These cookies are deleted by your browser when you close it and do not contain any personal information at all. For more information, please see
Q What information do you collect from your customers?
A When you set up an account we will ask for your name, address, e-mail address and contact telephone number. We will also ask you to confirm that you are over eighteen years of age, but your actual age will not be recorded. When you place an order our payment processer - currently PayPal® - will ask for either your credit / debit card details or your PayPal® account number, dependant upon how you wish to pay, but we do at any point have your financial details or hold them on record (see below). We will also keep a record of your previous orders.
Q What security measures do you take?
A Both your password and the answer that you give to your security question are stored in a "one way" encrypted form; this means that even we cannot access your password or the answer to your security question. This is why we cannot send an email with your password in, although if you do forget or lose your password you can still reset it from the sign in page.
Q What do you use the information for?
A We will only use your personal information to process your orders. We may use summary information to assess and improve our services, but this will not contain any personally identifying information. We will also use your contact details to reply to any questions that you ask us.
Your financial details will be used to process the order that they were provided for, but they will not be stored on our systems once they have been used.
Q Do you pass any information on to third parties?
A Yes, we will pass on information to the following people:
1. Transaction Processer - currently PayPal®
2. Courier / delivery company
3. Law enforcement agencies with legitimate authority
We will only disclose the absolute minimum information required.
Q Can I find out what information has been passed to whom?
A Absolutely - we will only disclose the absolute minimum information to any third party, but should you wish to know exactly what has been given to whom please contact the data registrant. Please remember that, since we don't record them ourselves, we will not be able to tell you precisely what financial details were disclosed, only the type of information (e.g. credit card number).
In the event of a non-obvious disclosure (e.g. request by law enforcement agency) we will attempt wherever we are able to notify you as soon as the disclosure occurs.
Q Do you sell the information on?
A No. Absolutely, positively no way will we ever knowingly pass your details on to any third party except those mentioned above. If you suspect that any information has been supplied from us then please contact the data registrant as soon as possible so that we may investigate the matter.
Q Do you hold information on children?
A We ask that our customers certify that they are over eighteen years of age when they open an account, however, should you suspect that your child's information is being held on our systems then please contact us immediately.
Q Can I see what information you are holding on me?
A You can see and correct any personal information that we are holding at any time of the day or night simply by selecting 'My Account'.
Q Can I delete my account?
A Under artice 17 of the GDPR you have the "right of erasure" which means that you can request that all personal data that we hold about you be removed. If you have never placed an order with us then you can delete your account at any time and no record of any of your details will be kept, however, if you have placed orders with us then we are required by law to keep some of those details on file. All other details will be destroyed and you will retain the right to know any of your personal information that we are still holding at any time. This can be obtained by e-mailing the data registrant or by writing to The Data Registrant, Southfield Nurseries, Bourne Road, Morton, Bourne, Lincolnshire. PE10 0RH.