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Frequently Asked Questions

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Plant Care

Q Will my plant flower every year?
A Once the cacti and succulents are at a flowering age they will flower every year providing that they are looked after properly and kept in the right conditions. Many cacti start flowering when they are 2-3 years old.
Q Where do cacti and succulents like to be?
A Cacti and succulents like a sunny position, for example a south facing windowsill or a conservatory or greenhouse, where they are protected from frost and excess humidity.
Q Can I keep cacti and succulents outside?
A Cacti and succulents are mostly from tropical regions and all of our plants have been raised under glass, so we would not recommend keeping them outside, however, if you live in a warm climate, you may have some success with hardier varieties such as Agaves outside, but it is essential that they are protected from harsh conditions such as frost.
Q Do cacti and succulents need watering?
A Yes! One of the great myths about cacti and succulents is that they don't need water but, whilst they are hardier than some plants, they will still need to be watered from early March until September. They won't need watering in the winter. Most varieties will need one good watering a week, but don't allow them to stand in water, as this will rot the roots.
Q Should I look after lithops differently to cacti?
A Yes, lithops need watering once a week during the summer, and need to dry out between waterings. The watering season for lithops is shorter, from late April until October. During the dry winter time the old heads will shrivel back allowing a new head through.
Q How do I look after a Conophytum?
A These are autumn / winter growers so only need light waterings, with infrequent mistings in summer. Conophytums can also benefit from slight shade during their dormant period.
Q How do I look after an Echeveria Lauii?
A Allow the plant to dry between waterings, avoid getting the leaves wet. Keep dry from September to March and keep in a full sun position.
Q How do I care for Echeveria 'Compton Carousel'?
A Water it just like a cactus during the summer months, then give very occasional, light (spoonfuls) waterings in the winter. This plant likes a sunny position, but requires slight shade when the weather is very hot.
Q Do cacti and succulents need feeding?
A Again, yes! If you want to get the best from your plant then from March to September you need to feed them regularly - once every two weeks should be enough. We recommend either Vitafeed or Chempak special cactus fertilisers, or you can ask at your local gardening store for a high potash feed.
Q Why do cacti and succulents have a dormant period over the winter?
A This is a residual trait from their natural environment - the plant needs to regenerate for the new season.
Q Do cacti and succulents need any other treatment?
A Cacti and succulents, like all plants, need to be treated with systemic insecticide three or four times a year. Should your plant become infected with root aphids, water them with the systemic insecticide as often as directed by the manufacturer.
Q What should I plant it in?
A Cacti and succulents like open, gritty compost to allow surplus water to drain through.
Q How often should I re-pot it?
A This will depend upon the variety and conditions, but in general we would recommend re-potting every year, in the spring. Ensure that you use a plant pot which has drainage holes in the bottom.
Q My cactus has started to grow tall and spindly, what is wrong?
A The likelihood is that it has not received enough sun, and has thus tried to grow towards the light.
Q Can I plant a cactus in a bowl with other house-plants?
A We would not recommend this due to the different care requirements of the other plants, however you can put them into a bowl, which has drainage holes, with other cacti.