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Heavy ribbed species, attractive, smallish growing
Thumbnail image of Stenocactus (Echinofossulocactus), zacatacesensis
Purple flowers, long centrals
Slow-growing, collectors plants
Thumbnail image of Strombocactus, Disciformis
Slow growing variety
White to yellowish/white flowers.Very slow growing - head diameter 1.75 cm to 2 cm.
Outstanding flowers in lots of rich colours, we find that occasionally there is a variation in colour form in this genus.
Thumbnail image of Sulcorebutia, albissima
Interlacing spines, variable coloured spines
Thumbnail image of Sulcorebutia, langeri
Slow growing variety
small and slow growing plant, yellow flowers
Thumbnail image of Sulcorebutia, rauschii green form
Slow growing variety
small green heads, clumping, slow growing
Thumbnail image of Sulcorebutia, zavaletae
Slow growing variety
Very slow growing, clumps with age, attractive spination, dark green body. Picture is of a mature plant.
Have longish spines in relation to plant size
Thumbnail image of Thelocactus, bicolor v. bolansis
white spines
Thumbnail image of Thelocactus, bicolor v. parras
red/yellowish bicoloured central spines
Thumbnail image of Thelocactus, bicolor v. pottsi
reddish central spines with paler tips
Thumbnail image of Thelocactus, bicolor v. tricolor
coloured spines