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Thumbnail image of Matucana, paucistotata
forms clumps, new spines interlacing
Thumbnail image of Matucana, purpeoalba
white spined body, pink flower tinged with white
Thumbnail image of Matucana, rebutiiflora
strong spines, bright red flowers?
Thumbnail image of Matucana, weberbaueri
yellow / orange flower
Thumbnail image of Matucana, yanganucensis
questionably a reddish / violet flower? - sometimes off-sets
Short cylindrical bodies with flowers in many colours, but mainly red, yellow or pink. Flower easily at a young age.
Thumbnail image of Matucana (Southfield Nurseries Hybrid), 'Festival'
assorted flower colours, free-flowering. Seeds packets - approximately 30 per pack.
Collections of assorted varieties
Thumbnail image of Mixed Cacti, Beginner's Giant Collection
Collection of 50 different cacti suitable for 6 cm for the beginner to make an interesting selection of varieties to start the basis of a wide ranging collection. Will include easy flowering forms as well as some varieties known for their spine formations
Thumbnail image of Mixed Cacti, Beginners Windowsill Collection
Collection of 5 cacti in 6 cm pot selected for a good, sunny windowsill, ease of cultivation and including some easy flowering varieties.
Thumbnail image of Mixed Cacti, Mixed Cacti seed
A variety of cacti seeds
Collections of assorted Cactusland hybrid plants
Thumbnail image of Mixed Hybrids, Hybrid Taster Collection
5 different named hybrids in 6 cm size pots (our choice of Rebutia, Gymnocalycium, Chamaelobivia, Lobivia and Weingartia)