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A free- flowering genus, easy to cultivate
Thumbnail image of Notocactus, magnificus
Bluish/green body, bristly spines, yellow flowers
Thumbnail image of Notocactus, sucineus v.albispinus
white spines, yellow flower
Thumbnail image of Notocactus, tabularis hybrid
Most have peach coloured flowers. This variety can show age markings at the base of the plant in the 16 cm size upwards and this is perfectly normal.
Thumbnail image of Notocactus, uebelmannianus
Satiny pink/purple flowers. This plant can show age markings in the 16 cm size and upwards at the base of the plant. This is perfectly normal.
"Old Man Cactus" from the high Andes, covered in white fuzz
Thumbnail image of Oreocereus, trollii
'old man of the Andes'
Thumbnail image of Oreocereus, trollii x Denmoza rhodacantha
green body, orangy spines
Thumbnail image of Pachyveria, 'Debbie'
pinky / grey leaves, spreading
Fairly small-growing, good flowering species
Thumbnail image of Parodia, chrysacanthion
Yellow flowers, yellow spines
Thumbnail image of Parodia, mairanana
Orange flowers
Thumbnail image of Parodia, mutabilis
Yellowish spines, darker centrals, yellow flowers