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Collections of assorted varieties
Thumbnail image of Mixed Cacti, Beginners Windowsill Collection
Collection of 5 cacti in 6 cm pot selected for a good, sunny windowsill, ease of cultivation and including some easy flowering varieties.
Thumbnail image of Mixed Cacti, Mixed Cacti seed
A variety of cacti seeds
Collections of assorted Cactusland hybrid plants
Thumbnail image of Mixed Hybrids, Hybrid Taster Collection
5 different named hybrids in 6 cm size pots (our choice of Rebutia, Gymnocalycium, Chamaelobivia, Lobivia and Weingartia)
Thumbnail image of Neobuxbaumia, euphorbioides
tall growing, eventually branching
Thumbnail image of Neobuxbaumia, mescaelensis x Neobuxbaumia scoparia
green body, tallish growing, pale spines
Spherical to cylindrical plants, usually autumn flowering
Thumbnail image of Neoporteria, coimasensis
purplish / pink flower, dark spines
Thumbnail image of Neoporteria, multicolor yellow spines
curving, yellowish spines
Thumbnail image of Neoporteria, senilis
dark body, from almost white to black spines
A free- flowering genus, easy to cultivate
Thumbnail image of Notocactus, haselbergii
White spines, orangey/red flowers
Thumbnail image of Notocactus, leninghausii
Yellow flowers, golden spines