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Part of the Echinopsis genus, these have large tubes and a dense covering of spines
Thumbnail image of Helianthocereus, X Echinopsis 'Razzle Dazzle'
large flowering Helianthocereus crossed with Echinopsis 'Razzle Dazzle'
Thumbnail image of Kalanchoe, tomentosa
Leafy form with 'chocolate brown' coloured tips. The main picture is of a mature plant, it is a quick growing plant.
Globular plants with large flowers, mostly easily cultivated and free- flowering
Thumbnail image of Lobivia, arachnacantha variety torrecilascense
Smallish plant. Large flowers
Globular plants with large flowers, hybridised by Southfield Nurseries
Thumbnail image of Lobivia (Southfield Nurseries Hybrid), 'Carnival' hybrids
Assorted colours
The largest of the Cacti genera, most species are free-flowering and easy to grow
Thumbnail image of Mammillaria, apozolensis variety saltensis (petersonii)
Woolly axils, orange yellow spines, carmine flowers
Thumbnail image of Mammillaria, bocasana
Whitish flowers, woolly
Thumbnail image of Mammillaria, bombycina v. colomas
very attractive form
Thumbnail image of Mammillaria, carmenae 'Jewel' hybrid
This plant has a wide range of colour spination, so you may receive a plant with differing coloured spines to the picture.
Thumbnail image of Mammillaria, crinita
long, soft hairs, pale yellow spined, variable flower colours (plant selected randomly)
Thumbnail image of Mammillaria, Dixanthocentron
light red flowers, nice spines