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Colourful leaves and flowers
Thumbnail image of Echeveria, x 'Perle von Nurnberg'
mainly singular heads, purplish, pruinose leaves
Barrel cactus from small to huge
Thumbnail image of Echinocactus, grusonii
"Golden Barrel" cactus with strong golden spines, Please note that there are larger sizes that can be bought on site at the nursery, but not be sent out in mail order.
Thumbnail image of Echinocactus, grusonii variety albispinus
White spined form
A large genus with probably the most magnificent flowers, many will stand quite cool conditions in winter.
Thumbnail image of Echinocereus, acifer x coccineus
clumping spiny plant, variable coloured flowers
Thumbnail image of Echinocereus, Apachensis
Relatively thin, long, wavy spines with maturity
Thumbnail image of Echinocereus, Barthelowanus
Clumping, interlacing spines, short purple flowers, rooted cuttings
Thumbnail image of Echinocereus, coccineus
branching with age, longish spines
Thumbnail image of Echinocereus, enneacanthus variety brevispinus
Clumping, pink smallish flowers
Thumbnail image of Echinocereus, huitcholensis fa lau 768
clumping form, dark centrals, orangey flower