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Hybridised by Southfield Nurseries for strong, bright flowers
Thumbnail image of Echinopsis (Southfield Nurseries Hybrid), 'New Dawn' hybrid
Large flowers, assorted flower colours
Thumbnail image of Echinopsis (Southfield Nurseries Hybrid), 'New Dawn' hybrid Collection
5 assorted Echinopsis 'New Dawn' hybrids in 6 cm pots (our selection) Image is a sample only.
A tall growing hairy genus
Thumbnail image of Espostoa, Churinensis
White woolly species
A barrel cactus, attractive strong spines
Thumbnail image of Ferocactus, fordii v. borealis
greenish body, new central spines reddish, flowers relatively small
Thumbnail image of Ferocactus, pottsii form
Broad ribs, yellow flowers, flowering size plants
Thumbnail image of Ferocactus, reppenhagenii
Flowers relatively small, self-fertile with nice fruits when mature
Thumbnail image of Ferocactus, stainesii variety pilosus
Has red centrals, impressive barrel cactus
Thumbnail image of Ferocactus, wizlizenii
Autumn flowering (when plant is mature)
Thumbnail image of Gastrolea, 'Green Ice'
nice variegated markings