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A wide variation of forms
Thumbnail image of Copiapoa, longistaminea
brownish woolly top, yellow flower
Thumbnail image of Copiapoa, magnifica
Stout spines, dark body
Thumbnail image of Copiapoa, marginata
Yellow flowers, dark body
Thumbnail image of Copiapoa, megarhiza v borealis
dark body with dark spines
Globular plants, relatively easy to cultivate, large flowers
Thumbnail image of Coryphantha, sulcolanata
Low thick body, large yellow flowers
A large genus including the popular "Jade Plant", crassula ovata
Thumbnail image of Crassula, marginata variegata
nice red variegated leaves, trailing
Thumbnail image of Crassula, ovata cultivar variety 'Hummels Sunset'
good indoor variegated "Money Plant", keep in sun and on the dry side
Originally from NW Argentina
Thumbnail image of Denmoza, rhodacantha
Purple flowers, red or yellowish spines
Spherical plants mostly with long tubercles
Thumbnail image of Dolichothele, baumii
Dense white spines, large yellow flowers with green stigmas
Thumbnail image of Dolichothele, longimamma
Long tubercles, large yellowish flowers