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Colourful leaves and flowers
Thumbnail image of Echeveria, pulvinata 'Ruby'
hairy green leaves with red edge, colour varies in winter
Thumbnail image of Echeveria, simulans hybrid
grey pointed leaves
Thumbnail image of Echeveria, subcorymbosa
smaller, clumping heads, bluish body
Thumbnail image of Echeveria, subcorymbosa fm. J. Hughes
bluish leaves with pink edges
Thumbnail image of Echeveria, subcorymbosa large form
bigger growing
Barrel cactus from small to huge
Thumbnail image of Echinocactus, grusonii
"Golden Barrel" cactus with strong golden spines. For sale at the nursery, PE10 0RH, collection only: single-head, approximate height 38 cm & 45 cm diameter, £480. Also, multi-headed with approximate height 38cm & 51cm diameter, £480.
A large genus with probably the most magnificent flowers, many will stand quite cool conditions in winter.
Thumbnail image of Echinocereus, caespitosus v. castaneus
short spines, as the plant matures it creeps sideways rather than growing upwards
Thumbnail image of Echinocereus, coccineus
branching with age, longish spines
Thumbnail image of Echinocereus, dasyacanthus
short spines, wide range of flower colours